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JFF Hitband 30

Sternenklang - Weihnachtsklassiker

(24 Titel) released 2019 bei TELAMO                           
Top 40 Hits & Party Specials Live (30 Jahre JFF)

JFF Hitband 30

JFF-Hitband - Promo CD

(24 Titel) released 2018
Top 40 Hits & Party Specials Live (30 Jahre JFF)

Sternenklang Dezemberwind

Sternenklang - Dezemberwind

CD (18 Titel) released 2015 bei TELAMO

Internationale Weihnachtsklassiker mit deutschen Texten.

Sternenklang Weihnachtsklassiker

Sternenklang - Deutsche Weihnachtsklassiker

CD (16 Titel) released 2015 bei TELAMO

Deutsche Weihnachtsklassiker Unplugged



CD (15 Titel) released 2013 bei Telamo

Bauer Klaus, Zuviel Alkohol, KurzVorDerRente, Noch so vie Monat, Besser is', Samba Supermarkt, Radio, Sieh' mal der Stern, Party, App. Man, Halt an, Virtuelle PC-Frau, Wir steh'n alle zusammen, Heppi Börsdeh, Da pfeiff ich drauf

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MAXI CD (4 Titel) released 2011 bei der  Zwiefel Music Group

Sweet Home Alabama Jodler (Radio Edit), Candida (Radio Edit), Candida (Seile Gau/Party Version), Sweet Home Alabama (Techno Version)

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JFF Rock Classics Live

Rock Classics Live

"CD (17 Live Titel):

St. Elmo´s fire, September, Valerie, Proud Mary, I go to Rio, Nutbush city limit, Couldn´t get it right, Final countdown, Jump, Highway to hell, Rebel yell, Radar love, This flight tonight, Walking by myself, Do it again, Davy´s on the road again, Music

JFF Unplugged

Just For Fun - Unplugged

CD 18 Titel:
It's all over now - Teach your children - Moonshadow - Boat on the river - You've got a friend - Wonderful tonight - Lucy in the sky - We've got tonight - Mrs. Robinson - Looking out my backdoor - Man of constant sorrow - Love the one you with - When I'm dead and gone - Ain't no sunshine - Dust in the wind - Whisky in the jar - Tip Toe - Those were the days

JFF Money for nothing

Just For Fun - Money for Nothing

16 Live und 2 Studio-Titel:
Could You Be Loved - Spacer /Discotheque - Desireé - The Heat Is On - Charline - Oye Como Va - Money For Nothing - Back In The Ussr - It Takes Two - Every Breath You Take - Ayla - First We Take Manhattan - Sweet Home Alabama - Eye Of The Tiger - All You Zombies - Sharp Dressed Men - Heart Of Gold - High On Emotion

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Rock Classics Live: 10,-- € 
Unplugged: 10,-- €
Money for nothing: 5,-- €

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